What Are Some Things You Can Make With Plarn Patterns?


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You can make a large variety of things from plarn patterns, including personal items like tote bags, purses, flip flops, shopping bags, hats and slippers. You can also make things for the home like baskets, coasters, place mats, kitchen scrubbers, rugs/floor mats, and even sleeping mats for the homeless.

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"Plarn," or plastic yarn made from grocery bags, is used to make many unique and useful items. There are many patterns available for free from sites like CraftFreely.com and Crochetville.com. Another excellent resource for finding plarn patterns can be found by conducting a search on Pinterest, which currently has many plarn patterns listed. Alternatively, Etsy.com also has patterns for sale, most for only a few dollars.

To make plarn, lay the plastic bag you want to use on a protected surface, folding in the sides and making it as flat as possible. Using sharp scissors, trim the bag handles off. Be sure to trim as evenly as possible along the top of the bag. Next, cut the bottom half inch of the bag off. Cut the bag into one-inch strips.

Open one of the strips and lay it flat, laying a second strip on top of it. From the top, pull the left loop to the right and from the bottom, pull the right loop to the left. Pull the ends snugly to create your first length of plarn. Repeat until you have the length of plarn needed for your project.

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