What Are the Themes for "The Farming Game: Harvest the Fun"?

What Are the Themes for "The Farming Game: Harvest the Fun"?

The theme of "The Farming Game: Harvest the Fun" involves taking on the role of a farmer and running a small farm business. The objective of the game is to sell crops and livestock to make money and become a full-time farmer.

The mechanics of "The Farming Game: Harvest the Fun" accurately represent the challenges of managing a farm. Players roll dice and move along the board harvesting crops and livestock when they land on the appropriate tiles.

The crops are fruit, hay, grain and livestock. A player draws an operating expense card when he harvests crops. The operating expense cards detail expenses the player incurs during harvests, such as, "Seed Bill Due: Pay $1,000."

"The Farming Game" is based on luck; unfortunate events are represented by bad rolls of the dice and lead to Farmer's Fate cards. Farmer's Fate cards are events that cause hardship and setbacks for the player, such as unexpected death of livestock, the arrival of pests that damage crops, droughts or unlucky market changes. The Farmer's Fate cards include historical references such as the eruption of Mt. St. Helens and the drought in the 1970s.

There are bonus spaces and expense spaces on the board. Bonus spaces provide players with benefits and money bonuses for various events. Players pay fees when they land on expense spaces. Examples of expense spaces include fees for owning cattle and fees for damaged wheat.