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Thane Krios is a character from the "Mass Effect" video game series. He first appears in "Mass Effect 2" and is also in "Mass Effect 3" and the "Mass Effect: Foundation" comic book series.

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Thane Krios is a playable character that can be recruited by main character Shepard. He is a Drell, a race that has features that somewhat resemble reptiles and fish. He is an assassin by trade and thus naturally specializes in stealth skills but is suited more for close quarters combat than for sniping. He also has the ability to use biotics.

Thane can initially be found on the planet Ilium in "Mass Effect 2", where he is in the middle of an assassination job. The player must speak to Liara and Seryna in the offices to learn about him. The player then needs to fight their way through the loading dock area to the bridge. Upon completing the battle, Thane appears in a cut scene and can be recruited by the player. He does not have any Paragon or Renegade level requirements for recruitment. Female Shepard characters can also engage in a romance with Thane once his loyalty mission is completed.

Thane is present in "Mass Effect 3" but is in poor health and cannot be recruited.

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