What Are Some Free Tetris-Style Games You Can Play in a Browser?


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Some browser-based games that are like “Tetris” include “Miniclip.com Tetris” and “First-person Tetris.” Both of these games add a slight twist on the classic “Tetris” play style and are available to play on 1001OnlineGames.com and KanoGames.com.

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In “Miniclip.com Tetris,” players use a computer keyboard to rotate shapes in an attempt to make complete lines. They use the arrow keys to rotate the blocks and the space bar to make the blocks drop quickly. Once a complete line is formed, it disappears. The goal is to make as many lines disappear as possible before reaching the top of the screen. This version of “Tetris” sometimes gives players a flashing single block, which the player can place to make a vertical line of blocks disappear.

“First-person Tetris" plays similarly to “Miniclip.com Tetris" in that the player attempts to complete lines to make them disappear. However, this time, the player views the game in a virtual room on TV. Instead of rotating the blocks like in a normal game of “Tetris," players rotate the room around the blocks. They use the arrow keys to move the blocks, the space bar to flip the room and the enter key to drop the blocks quickly.

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