How Do You Test Leadership?

How Do You Test Leadership?

There are several established tests to help you evaluate an employee's leadership skills. Asking the employee to assess his own leadership qualities is also helpful, as is looking at whether the employee's personal life is congruent with the image he presents at work.

  1. Administer a leadership assessment test

    There are several leadership assessment tools available, each with a slightly different focus. The John Maxwell Leadership Assessment measures attributes of leadership, while the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is a well-known personality test. The Strength Finder developed by Gallup focuses on isolating a person's strengths, and Wealth Dynamics is designed to let entrepreneurs identify their strengths and weaknesses in the business world. Choose one or more of these tests, and apply them to assess your own or your employees' leadership skills.

  2. Engage in self-assessment

    Ask employees to assess their own leadership attributes, or engage in assessment of your own strengths and weaknesses. Ask about personal growth plans, accountability for improvement, people being mentored, ability to listen to others, vulnerability and authenticity in interpersonal interaction and trustworthiness. Have the employee assess whether he avoids risk, how easily he quits a task or program and what he is doing to ensure that others in the company reach their potential.

  3. Assess personal life issues

    Determine whether the employee's personal life matches up with his work life. If his personal life is in shambles or if he ignores his family in favor of work, his leadership abilities in the workplace may be suspect.