How Do Tekkit Servers Change "Minecraft"?

A collection of over 50 mods, Tekkit servers change the gameplay rules of "Minecraft" by adding new items, improving in-game tools and providing additional functionality. Some of Tekkit's mods are Kobata's Inventory Tweaks, Balkon's WeaponMod, dan200's ComputerCraft and Erogenous Beef's Big Reactors.

In addition to automatically replacing broken tools and item stacks, Kobata's Inventory Tweaks allows players to sort inventory items and use new keyboard shortcuts to move items around. With the crafting input selected, users can click the middle mouse button causes to automatically balance ingredients to optimize recipes. When the player breaks an item, the mod automatically fetches a similar tool.

Balkon's WeaponMod adds over 10 new weapons to "Minecraft," including a throwable spear and an old musket. Some other weapons added by the mod are battleaxes, flails, crossbows and dynamites. The mod also adds a training dummy for weapon testing.

Dan200's ComputerCraft adds two types of computers to the game: the normal computer and the advanced computer. Players can use the computers to automate various tasks such as mining minerals and constructing new buildings. While the normal computer only accepts keyboard input and has a black and white display, the advanced computer supports mouse clicks and has a color display.

The Big Reactors mod adds multi-block power generators to the game. The generators use Yellorium ingots as fuel and generate heat and waste. Players can convert the heat into power by building a reactor coolant port.