What Are Some of the Techniques Used to Fuse Glass?


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Slumping, tack fusing and full fusing are some techniques used to fuse glass, and each method requires a different temperature range in the kiln. Fused glass results when separate pieces of glass are fired together in a kiln at high temperatures, bonding them.

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Slumping is the process of heating a piece of glass until it becomes soft and eventually assumes the shape of whichever mold is used. Slumping is performed at relatively low temperatures within the range of 1099 to 1251 degrees Fahrenheit. Tack fusing joins pieces of glass together while altering the shape of the pieces as little as possible. Tack fusing usually takes place at between 1251 and 1350 degrees Fahrenheit. Full fusing occurs at temperatures of at least 1351 degrees Fahrenheit and results in the pieces of glass fully coalescing.

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