What Are Some Tea Party Games for Ladies?

Four possible games for a tea party are The Laughing Game, The Sculptor, How? Why? Where? When? and Charades. All four are classic Victorian-era parlour games that are excellent choices for a tea party.

Tea parties are a reminder of past times when a hostess put a great deal of effort into preparing refreshments, place settings and entertainment for her guests. A fun idea for a modern tea party is to incorporate Victorian era parlour games into the entertainment. In The Laughing Game, players stand in a circle and take turns saying either "Ha," "Ho" or "Hee" or any similarly silly or nonsensical word. If a player laughs she must step out of the circle, and the remaining player is the winner.

The Sculptor is a much more physical game - one person acts as a sculptor to move and position the other players into difficult poses. The players may not move, adjust their poses or laugh, but the sculptor can attempt to illicit their laughter. The first player to laugh or move becomes the new sculptor.

In How? Why? Where? When?, one player chooses a word and the other players must guess the word by asking four questions: "How do you like it?" "Why do you like it?" "Where do you like it?" and "When do you like it?" Whoever guesses correctly chooses the next word.

Finally, the classic Victorian parlour game is Charades. This game entails acting out words, phrases or titles, without speaking, for other players to guess.