What Are Some Tattoo Artist Games?

Some tattoo artist games are “Tattoo Style Shop” and “Tattoo Artist.” Both of these are free to play online. There are also many others available on GirlGames.com.

“Tattoo Style Shop” is an online tattoo artist game in which the player needs to read what the customer’s wishes are for his tattoo and then try to replicate it. There is a Story Mode in the game that follows the tattoo artist along as he gets better at creating body art. There is also Creative Mode, in which the tattoo artist creates whatever he wants.

Another tattoo artist game is “Tattoo Artist.” The age level for this game is teenagers and older. The player uses her computer mouse to draw any kind of tattoo she wants, but if she messes up or go too fast, she can get fired from the tattoo shop. It requires more manual drawing skill than “Tattoo Style Shop.”

Other tattoo artist games are available at GirlGames.com, with games such as “Art of Tattoo,” “Inked Up Tattoo” and “Tattoo Shop Spa.” There are also tattoo games on the website for characters such as Ariel from Disney and various cartoon characters. Most of these games are catered to a younger crowd.