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Only one online game goes by the name モTanki Onlineヤ; it's a free massively multiplayer online shooter game. The game is played in real time with other players; no computer-controlled players participate in the game.

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モTanki Onlineヤ is a full, three-dimensional, tank-fighting game that pits real people against each other in real-time battles. As the player participates in online battles, he earns points that he can use to upgrade his tank to make it more powerful.

モTanki Onlineヤ doesn't require the player to install or download any programs to play. The game, played online using browsers that have Flash Player, is completely free. After registration, players are thrown into special battles in which only newcomers can participate. During these battles, they learn the basics of controlling their tanks and the rules of the game.

Controlling tanks in モTanki Onlineヤ is done via a keyboard. The W, A, S and D keys are used to move the tank. Players can rotate their turrets using the Z and X keys. Firing the turret is done by pressing the space bar. To center the turret, players can press either the C or モ?ヤ key. Supplies are used by pressing number keys 1 though 5.

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