How Do You Tame an Ocelot in "Minecraft"?

How Do You Tame an Ocelot in "Minecraft"?

Tame a wild ocelot in the PC version of "Minecraft" by standing very still while holding a raw fish until the ocelot turns into a tame cat. Ocelots are hard to control, and they must be tamed again if you fail to interact with them.

  1. Go fishing

    Hold a fishing rod near a body of water, and right-click to cast. Watch for a small water trail near the bobber. When the floatation device suddenly goes beneath the surface, right-click again to retrieve a raw fish. Obtain several raw fish to replenish your supply once an ocelot eats a fish.

  2. Find a wild ocelot

    Search a jungle biome for a wild ocelot. These creatures are found alone or in groups of up to three cats. Ocelots are quick and like to hide, so it may take some effort to find them.

  3. Hold a fish

    Put the raw fish in your hand to lure a nearby ocelot. Stand very still and do not make sudden moves until the ocelot sits down in front of you.

  4. Tame the wild cat

    Feed the fish to an ocelot by right-clicking on the creature as it sits quietly. The wild ocelot turns into a Siamese, tuxedo or tabby cat. Lure the kitty back to your place with another raw fish. Interact with the cat within two days to keep it docile, otherwise, the cat ignores you completely while maintaining its tame appearance.