Who Takes Pictures of Scammers?


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Pictures that scammers use are acquired from the social media profiles of innocent third parties, who for the most part, aren't aware that someone is using their pictures, according to Geekwire. It only takes a few pictures in public view online for scammers to string together a false identity.

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One way to keep identity established in case someone's pictures are ever used to create a false identity is to have several pictures on a few different social media sites, says Frank Catalano of Geekwire. If someone has a blog with their picture, a Facebook page, a LinkedIn profile and a membership on a dating site, a scammer, after doing an Internet search on the person they target, is less likely to use their pictures.

A particularly deplorable thing that some scammers and con-men do is obtain pictures of sick children and babies in hospitals, and then circulate them on Facebook collecting money to increase traffic to their own pages or even solicit donations for alleged healthcare costs, as Scam Sniper explains. Pictures of sick children that are shared and liked should not be paid attention to and instead reported to Facebook. Though the pictures may elicit sympathy and are of real children, they are almost always shared without consent of the children's parents, and this violates Facebook's Terms of Service.

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