What Are Tabs for "Dueling Banjos?"


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Tabs for "Dueling Banjos" are tablatures that feature the popular instrumental composed by Arthur "Guitar Boogie" Smith and made popular by the 1972 film "Deliverance." Tablatures are a form of written music that represent stringed instruments such as guitar, banjo, lute or vihuela. These have horizontal lines that represent the strings of the instrument for which the tablature was written.

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A free tab for "Dueling Banjos" is available at UltimateGuitar.com and BanjoSally.com. The tablature at UltimateGuitar.com is arranged for guitar, while the one at BanjoSally.com is made for the banjo. The tablature for the guitar has six horizontal lines, while the banjo tablature has five.

On both tablatures, the top line represents the thinnest string and the lowest line represents the thickest string. The lines on the guitar are arranged from low to high as E, A, D, G, B and E. The banjo lines, on the other hand, are arranged from low to high as G, D, G, B and D. The numbers on the lines tell you which fret to press to play a note. Only the strings with the numbers on them are meant to be played. If the string has a "0" number, that means that the particular string is played open without any fingers pressing down the string on the frets.

It is difficult to ascertain rhythm in a tablature, so listening to a recording of "Dueling Banjos" while reading its tablature is necessary to learn and play the song properly.

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