When Does Swinub Evolve?

The Pokemon Swinub evolves into Piloswine at level 33. Swinub is an Ice/Ground type Pokemon, which was introduced in Generation 2.

Also known as the Pig Pokemon, Swinub has a total Base Stat of 260 with 50 HP, 50 Attack, 40 Defense, 30 Special Attack, 30 Special Defense and 50 Speed. Its abilities are Oblivious, which prevents the Swinub from being under the Attract condition, and Snow Cloak, an ability that raises its evasion by one level during a hailstorm.

The Swinub is strong against Ground, Rock, Poison and Dragon type Pokemon, and it is immune to Electric types. Swinub is weak against Steel, Fighting, Water, Grass and Fire type Pokemon, and it cannot inflict any damage on Flying types.

The best moveset for the Swinub is:

  1. Earthquake
  2. Icicle Spear/Superpower
  3. Ice Shard
  4. Stealth Rock

Swinub acquires these moves by leveling up, breeding, TM and transferring. Between the abilities Oblivious and Snow Cloak, the latter is more preferred. When fighting as a pair, Swinub works well with Snover because the latter Pokemon covers Swinub's weakness against Grass type Pokemon. Moreover, Snover has the ability to make permanent hail, which allows Swinub to maximize the Snow Cloak ability. One of the best items for Swinub to hold is the Life Orb.