How is a swag valance pattern sewn?


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A swag valance pattern is sewn after the fabric is marked to ensure all pieces fit together properly. Be sure to have enough fabric, lining and interlining available. Lay the pattern onto the fabric, and add extra panels of fabric if the pattern falls over the edge. Do the same for the lining. Cut the interlining to the final size of the finished piece.

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Lay the fabric face down on the table. Place the interlining fabric on top, making sure that there is a three-fourths inch allowance around the edge. Fold the turning allowance over, and pin in place. Then cut the fabric at the curved sections as necessary. Sew in the interlining with a herringbone stitch. With the turnings folded under, pin the lining in place about one-eighth inch from the edge. Cut the fabric on the curves as needed to keep a soft round shape. Sew the lining and fabric into place with a slip stitch. Pin the fabric into the swag shape using the paper pattern as a guide. Fold the pleats, and pin the fabric at the top, making adjustments as you go along. Once all of the pleats are in the desired position, sew the fabric folds at the top using a strong thread. Check the piece, and make any necessary changes before mounting to a board for hanging.

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