What Are Some Surgery-Themed Games for Kids?


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Two surgery-themed games that are suitable for young people are the board game Operation and the Trauma Center series of games for the Nintendo DS and Wii systems. Operation is a family game, but the Trauma Center games are rated T for Teen and include images of blood.

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The Operation board game is best played with a group of people. A board showing a patient on a table has cavities in different areas where plastic pieces representing ailments and organs are placed throughout the patient's body. Players take turns attempting to extract the pieces using tweezers without touching the edge of the cavity. If the tweezers touch the edges of the cavities, which have a metal contact running along the inner edge, a buzzer goes off, the patient's nose lights up red and the player does not paid for the operation. Operation is suitable for ages four and above.

The Trauma Center series of games were developed by Atlus for the Nintendo DS and Wii systems. A player uses the stylus or Wii Remote to trace movements that simulate various operations on a variety of patients, including humans, creatures and other living objects. The operations involve diseases and injuries and treatments are somewhat realistic in that they require many different surgical instruments and steps to complete.

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