How Do You Get Surf in "Pokemon Blue"?

Surf is obtained in the Safari Zone in "Pokémon Blue." The move is contained in an item known as HM03, which can be taught to the player's Pokémon multiple times. To use the move in the field, players need to have the Soul Badge. Surf is a reusable Hidden Machine, or HM; however, players cannot delete it like a normal move.

  1. Enter the Safari Zone

    The Safari Zone is in the southern region of Kanto, just north of Fuschia City. It costs 500 Pokédollars to enter. One entrance fee pays for 500 steps.

  2. Find HM03 Surf in Area 3

    HM03 Surf is located in Area 3 in the Secret House. This is in the northwest portion of the Safari Zone, near the Warden's lost Gold Teeth.

  3. Teach the HM to a Pokémon

    Find HM03 in the bag and press A. Select the option to teach the move to a water Pokémon. Look for a small "Able!" message under the Pokémon's name. Press A to confirm and select a move to replace if necessary.

  4. Use Surf in the field

    To use Surf outside of battle, find a body of water. If the Pokémon with Surf is in the player's party, he can simply press A to move across.