What Supplies Are Needed to Make Wire Mesh Wreaths?

Supplies required to make a wire mesh wreath include a wire wreath form, pipe cleaners or cable ties, decorative mesh, and other desired accents. Hobbyists may also use a glue gun to hold extra decorations in place.

Wire wreath forms are usually available for purchase from arts and crafts stores such as Hobby Lobby. These forms come in a number of sizes. To start making the wire mesh wreath, first attach pipe cleaners to the wreath form by twisting them onto a single wire of the form. The pipe cleaners hold the mesh onto the wreath form, so the number of pipe cleaners needed depends on the size and number of mesh puffs desired. If using pipe cleaners, twist all the pipe cleaners on to the wire form before applying the mesh. If using cable ties, the mesh must be applied with the ties.

Once all the pipe cleaners are attached, gather mesh into a bunch and pinch the bunch between the two ends of a pipe cleaner. Twist the pipe cleaner to attach the mesh to the form in this spot. Continue this process until the wreath is fully covered in decorative mesh. Once the mesh is attached, the hobbyist may glue or sew on extra details such as silk flowers or beads.