What Supplies Do You Need to Make a Clock?


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To make a clock, you need to have a clock movement kit, which typically includes a hanger, a movement mechanism, a rubber gasket, a clock face dial and a brass washer. The kit also includes a hex nut, an hour hand, a minute hand, a second hand, an open nut and a cap nut. Finally, you need a round piece of wood with a 1/2-inch hole in the middle, scissors, glue, wrapping paper and a pencil. Spray paint is optional.

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To make a wall clock, trace the round piece of wood onto the back of the wrapping paper with the pencil and cut out the circle. Next, glue the wrapping paper onto the piece of wood and allow it to fully dry. Then, attach the clock movement mechanism carefully. Assemble the clock assembly kit by following the included instructions. If you do not like the colors of the hands that are included in your purchased kit, use the spray paint and paint the hands to match the wrapping paper. If you are using numbers, evenly space out the appropriate numbers and carefully glue them onto the front of the wrapping paper. Use the hanger and attach the back of the clock and then hang the clock on the wall.

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