What Supplies Do You Need for Fun and Easy Projects for Kids?

What Supplies Do You Need for Fun and Easy Projects for Kids?

Paper of various colors, glue, scissors, crayons, markers and paints are some basic supplies that are helpful in creating fun and easy craft projects for kids. Some additional supplies that help make more creative projects are cork, toothpicks, yarn, paper plates, googly eyes, pom-poms, sponges, aluminum foil, mixed grains, duct tape and paper towel rolls.

A simple idea for using paint and paper plates is squirting paint onto each plate and letting children use their hands to smear the paint. Once the paint is dry, add googly eyes and pipe cleaners to create images of monsters on the plate.

Create a zebra by using corks of different sizes and painting them white with black stripes. Attach the corks with toothpicks, and decorate with yarn for a mane and tail. Adding toothpicks at the bottom creates legs for the zebra.

Cutting a sponge and adding googly eyes and pipe cleaners creates a bath toy. The sponge can be cut to make a rounded head or to add legs to the creature.

A paper towel roll becomes a rainstick when it is filled with aluminum foil and grains. The aluminum foil slows down the flow of the grains, giving it the sound of rain. After the tube is filled, kids seal the ends with duct tape and can decorate it with construction paper.