What Supplies Do You Need to Crochet Olaf From "Frozen"?

What Supplies Do You Need to Crochet Olaf From "Frozen"?

Basic supplies needed to crochet Olaf from "Frozen" include worsted weight yarn and hooks. For the finished project, felt, fiberfill, buttons and safety eyes are also required. Olaf's size determines the size of the hooks and the exact number of skeins of yarn needed.

Medium weight or worsted weight yarn can be used for Olaf. For a 14-inch figure that's able to stand up, the estimated amount of yarn is 364 yards. Yarn colors are white, brown, black and orange.

The exact pattern and size of Olaf determines whether 3.75 millimeter, 4 millimeters or 5.5 millimeters crochet hooks are needed. Some patterns may call for a combination of hooks.

Button or safety eyes can be used to finish Olaf after he has been crocheted. Some people choose to crochet his mouth, while others create it from black felt. Either felt or buttons can be used for the buttons on Olaf's stomach. The pattern and the crocheter's personal preference for his look determine the method and the supplies needed.

To finish Olaf, he must be filled. Fiberfill is most often used, but other stuffing materials also work. Following the crochet pattern and directions carefully ensures Olaf is crocheted and stuffed in the correct order.