What Supplies Do You Need to Complete a Stamped Needlepoint Kit?


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A needlepoint kit normally has the canvas, threads in the amounts and colors necessary for the design, a needlepoint needle and instructions. The canvas usually has a printed or silk-screened design, though some high-end canvases are hand-painted. Some kits have a blank canvas and a chart telling where to stitch each color on the canvas. Finishing items may or may not come with the kit.

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Stamped canvases, common to cross-stitch, are rare for needlepoint because the design elements must fall exactly on the intersections of the loose-weave needlepoint canvas. If the design positioning is not precise, the stitcher must guess where to place each color.

Needlepoint threads are most often wool yarn, though kits may provide embroidery silk or cotton floss. Only low-quality kits use acrylic yarns. Paternayan Persian yarn is a common high-quality yarn, though standard tapestry yarn is also popular. Alpaca wool is one example of a specialty yarn. Cotton floss comes in pearl and matte finishes.

Needlepoint needles have a dull point and a relatively large eye. The size of the canvas mesh determines the size of the needle. A higher needle number indicates a finer needle size. The goal is to use a needle that slides through the canvas holes without catching on the canvas threads.

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