What Is the Superman Cheat for GTA: San Andreas?

The Superman costume is on the roof of the costume shop in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas; there is no cheat code to obtain it. The player must use a jetpack to get on top of the building at exactly noon in the game's virtual world time.

On the roof of the costume shop the player will find the cape to the Superman outfit, according to Super Cheats, a popular source for video game cheats and tips. The player then pauses and unpauses the game three times to spawn the shirt. After grabbing the new article of clothing, the player then repeats this step to spawn the pants and gloves of the outfit. Once this is done, the player has all the pieces of the Superman outfit and can enjoy the benefits of the costume.

It is important to perform these steps during exactly noon of the game's virtual world time. At other times of the day, it is not guaranteed that the costume will be available.

All the items of the Superman costume grant the player useful attributes. The cape allows the play to fly at will. The shirt prevents damage. The pants give the player a super amount of speed when they run, and the gloves augment the player's damage to attacks.

There other cheat codes that grant players useful abilities to use in the game. The player's character can be made much faster with the cheat code Triangle, up, right, down, L2, L1, Square. Players can also jump higher with the code up, up, Triangle, Triangle, up, up, left, right, Square, R2, R2.