What Are Some Superhero Games for Kids?


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Some superhero games for kids include “Avengers: Combined Strike,” “Spider-Man: City Raid” and “Iron Man: Flight Test.” Marvel Kids and Heroes Arcade offer these free online superhero games along with many other titles.

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What Are Some Superhero Games for Kids?
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“Avengers: Combined Strike” lets kids play as their favorite Marvel superhero team members in a battle against the Red Skull and Dracula. Players can control popular Avengers heroes such as Thor, Iron Man, Captain America, Hawkeye and The Hulk. Marvel Kids also offers a number of other games featuring popular Avengers characters, including “Hulk: Gamma Storm Smash,” “Thor: Bring the Thunder” and “Black Widow.”

“Spider-Man: City Raid” lets kids control their favorite web-slinger as he moves across the New York City skyline. Players keep Spider-Man in the air by clicking on different buildings and objects to shoot webs at them. Similar to the classic game “Pitfall,” players must time their webs just right so that Spider-Man does not fall to the ground. Other Spider-Man games for kids include “Spider-Man: Cyber Sabotage,” and “Spider-Man: Spider-Cycle.”

Based on the popular film starring Robert Downey Jr., “Iron Man: Flight Test” plays like a classic side-scrolling arcade shooter. Players control Iron Man as he flies through the air, avoiding obstacles and shooting enemies with his hand cannon. Enemies and obstacles become more frequent and harder to avoid as the game progresses, making this an engaging challenge for kids.

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