How Do You Get to Sunnyshore City on Pokemon Platinum?


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To get to Sunnyshore City, the player must head to Valor lakefront hotel and continue heading east past Route 222 until the player reaches Sunnyshore City. The path to Route 222 will be blocked by someone earlier in the game and it will only be passable after defeating Galactic Boss Cyrus.

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Before proceeding to Route 222 after battling with Cyrus, the player may choose to catch the legendary Pokemon Giratina immediately after the battle by moving north. Several other Pokemon can also be caught in their respective lakes. These are Mesprit at Lake Verify, Azlef at Lake Valor and Uxie at Lake Acuity.

There are also several things to do on Route 222 including battling with trainers, which are optional. Items can also be picked up such as Carbos, Honey, Big Mushroom and the TM56 Fling.

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