How Do You Summon the Red-Eyes Black Metal Dragon?

To bring the "Red-Eyes Black Metal Dragon" card from your "Yu-Gi-Oh!" deck into play, first put the cards "Red-Eyes Black Dragon" and "Metalmorph" on the field. Equip the "Red-Eyes B. Dragon" card with "Metalmorph," and tribute both cards to the graveyard. Then special summon the "Red-Eyes B. Metal Dragon" card into play.

  1. Place Red-Eyes B. Dragon on the field

    Summon Red-Eyes B. Dragon in one of three ways. The first option is to tribute summon two monster cards that are already on the field. You can also use the effect of the "Red-Eyes Black Chick" card to special summon the level eight Red-Eyes B. Dragon. The third option is to use more spell, trap and effect monsters to special summon the monster card.

  2. Equip Metalmorph to the dragon

    Lay the trap card "Metalmorph" face-down on the field. During your next turn, equip the trap card to Red-Eyes B. Dragon. Metalmorph increases the attack and defense points of the attached monster card by 300. When your monster attacks, the card gains attack points equal to half the attack of the opposing monster during damage calculation.

  3. Tribute Red-Eyes B. Dragon

    Send Red-Eyes B. Dragon and Metalmorph to the graveyard as tribute in order to special summon Red-Eyes Metal Dragon. Red-Eyes Metal Dragon is a level eight machine-type monster that has 2,800 attack points and 2,400 defense points. It is worth considering this strategy before implementing the plan, because Red-Eyes B. Dragon equipped with Metalmorph already has 2,700 attack and 2,300 defense points.