What Are Some Styles of Clay Chimney Pots?

What Are Some Styles of Clay Chimney Pots?

Styles of clay chimney pots include magnum chimney pots, Victorian chimney pots and avon chimney pots. Other styles of clay chimney pots include colonial chimney pots, diamond chimney pots and excalibur chimney pots.

The avon clay chimney pot resembles a screw in shape and features a striped column. Superior Clay Corporation manufactures a chimney pot of the avon style that is 31 inches tall and 225 pounds. Its top opening measures 11.25 inches.

The diamond clay chimney pot features four diamond-shaped openings near its top. The diamond shapes are covered by rooftops while the body of the chimney pot is tall and straight with a square base. Budding Co. manufactures a diamond clay chimney pot that measures 28 inches tall and weighs 75 pounds.

The peerless style of clay chimney pot features a roof or top covering that acts as a rain guard. It has four square side openings and a square base. The peerless clay chimney pot produced by Budding Co. weighs 47 pounds and reaches 26 inches in height. It has a firebox opening size of 8 inches, a mortar mount installation and is available in a variety of colors, such as blue, red, brown and black.

The Virginian clay chimney pot consists of a tall, smooth column with a rolled top. This style features a round base as well as a mortar mount installation.