What Are Some Stupid Things to Do When You're Bored?

Stupid things a person can do when bored include trying not to think about penguins, pretending he is a robot and seeing how long he can hold a note. Another stupid thing a bored person can do is blink his eyes rapidly and then close them tightly to see what kinds of shapes appear.

One stupid activity capable of relieving boredom for up to five minutes, according to alternative website urban75.org, is trying not to think about penguins. This is challenging because the harder the person tries not to think about penguins, the more he can't help thinking about them. On the other hand, if he doesn't try hard enough not to think about penguins, he may think of them anyway.

Another stupid activity recommended for bored people is blinking their eyes rapidly and fiercely for a few seconds and then shutting them tightly to see what kind of shapes, lights or other optical phenomena appear beneath their lids. While studying these images, a person can also try to determine if any of them appear to be messages from his subconscious for added entertainment value.

Pretending to be a robot is another activity someone who is bored can do to pass the time. This includes walking with mechanical movements, making robot noises such as "beep" or "zzzzt," or acting as if a robot body part is broken. This may or may not take place in public.