What Are Some Stupid Funny Jokes?


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One stupid funny joke starts by telling the audience about a vulture who boarded an airplane while carrying two dead raccoons. He is stopped by a stewardess who tells him that each passengers can only have one carrion. The humor of the punchline comes from the word "carrion" being a homonym for "carry-on."

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Another joke both stupid and funny begins with the question of what the stupidest animal in the jungle is. The punchline to the joke is that it is the polar bear. The humor of this joke comes from the audience assumption that the animal is a native jungle inhabitant and their amusement that the polar bear is wildly out of place.

A meaner stupid and funny joke asks the audience what they call a kid with an eyepatch, no arms and no legs. The punchline to the joke is that they call that kid "names." The humor of the joke comes from the audience expectation of a specialized term for the child and the unexpected reminder of the youthful tendency to mock those who appear different from social norms.

Another stupid and amusing joke begins with telling the audience, "How long is a Chinese name." The humor comes from the realization that it is not meant as a question but as a statement, with "How Long" sounding like a stereotypical Chinese name.

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