How Do You Do String Art?

How Do You Do String Art?

Create string art by gathering the necessary supplies, hammering nails into a board in the shape of the design, and lining string or yarn across the various nails. Begin with a simple pattern, and after sufficient practice, use more advanced designs if desired.

  1. Gather the needed supplies

    Select a simple string art pattern with directions. You can find a string art pattern on the Internet, in a craft book or in a crafting magazine. Transfer the design shape with pencil to a wooden board that is 8 inches wide by 8 inches long. Also gather yarn or string, small nails, a hammer, a pencil and scissors.

  2. Attach nails to the board

    Hammer small nails into the board where each point is along the string art pattern. Write the corresponding numbers next to each nail with the pencil.

  3. Add string to the nails

    Tie one end of the string or yarn to the lowest-numbered nail. String the string or yarn across to the next nail that should be used, according to the pattern. Continue stringing the yarn according to the directions of the pattern. Tie the last string to the nail. Trim off the excess string or yarn with scissors. Erase any pencil marks on the wooden board.