What Are Some "Street Sesh 3" Player Tips?


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Some player tips for the game "Street Sesh 3" are to follow the onscreen instructions and tutorial in order to fully understand its controls and to follow the guidelines of each level in order to meet specific goals. Players should also practice differing moves.

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"Street Sesh 3" is a three-dimensional skateboarding game that allows players to simulate the activity. Players have the option to choose from different skaters and skateboard designs, then explore various areas with the goal of earning the highest score possible. One of the most important tips for players is to play through the tutorial stage and read all in-game descriptions. The game offers many tips to players at various points, which are meant to explain game controls and how to perform more complex maneuvers.

The player increases her score by performing various tricks, such as ollies, kick flips, grinds and air grabs. If the player performs several tricks in quick succession without riding on the ground normally or falling, she achieves a combo and thus a higher score. Practicing different basic moves without worrying about the overall score is a good way to become comfortable with the controls and build up to more advanced tricks. Many of the advanced, higher-scoring tricks are variations of the basic moves, so it helps to practice the early forms.

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