What Is a "streak for the Cash" Strategy?


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The NFL Strategy and MLB Sweep Method are both strategies for the game. "Streak for the Cash" is a sports prediction game sponsored by ESPN during which participants select winning teams or players. The objective is to accumulate the longest winning streak.

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The NFL Strategy affords players the opportunity to build a streak based on NFL props, which are match ups between teams, players or both. For instance, an NFL prop might be based on predicting New England Patriot quarterback Tom Brady's pass completion against first downs the New York Jets achieve. The strategy dictates choosing amongst the props for an early, mid-day and late game on Sunday. The player then chooses the winner for Monday Night Football. If correct, that player has amassed a winning streak of four. The strategy suggests holding off on further predictions until Thursday Night Football, at which time the player either predicts a score match up or another prop. If correct, that player has a winning streak of five after just one week. Keeping up that pattern allows the player to amass a winning streak of 20 to 25 by only predicting football for one month.

The MLB Sweep Method is based on predicting straight winners only. The player considers the series for an upcoming month. If one team is especially strong in the match up, the player backs that team fully and selects that team to win each game in the series. If that faith is justified, the player can earn a winning streak of three from one series. With several such series a month, the player can amass a winning streak of 15.

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