What Are Some Strategies for World of Warcraft?


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Clicking to switch targets and using a damage meter are two strategies for World of Warcraft. Whereas the former helps the avoid accidents, the latter allows him to examine his performance.

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Although using the tab key is a fast way to switch between targets, the outcome is often unpredictable and is prone to accidents. Players may attack a mob that is under a crowd control effect or has not been engaged yet and make the combat harder for their friends. Clicking on mobs ensures accuracy and reduces errors.

Even though World of Warcraft displays how much damage individual attacks deal, it does not offer any data that covers long periods of combat. Using a damage meter helps the player optimize his tactics to ensure maximum performance. Recount is a damage meter that is available at Curse.com. As of January 2016, it is compatible with the latest patch, 6.2.3.

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