What Are Some Strategies for Winning Monkey Go Happy?


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Solving the puzzle game "Monkey Go Happy" is best done by checking the scenery for hidden objects and being willing to back-track and pick up objects, according to JayIsGames.com. As of 2015, there are dozens of "Monkey Go Happy" games to explore, including "Monkey Go Happy Ninjas" and "Monkey Go Happy Christmas."

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Like other puzzle games, "Monkey Go Happy" features different pages with puzzles to solve. Some versions of the game, such as the ninja version, also require players to look for and collect a certain number of hidden monkeys.

When blocked on a puzzle, players need to avoid assuming it is too complex. Most puzzle games are meant to be solved without a lot of effort, according to BigFishGames.com. Generally, going backwards by backtracking a few pages can help reveal the solution. Users should also check all images on the page by hovering the mouse over the object; if the image does something in the game, the mouse cursor turns into a hand. Some objects can be clicked and stored in the menu to use later.

Look for doors and blocked paths. These may lead to another page and are accessed with something picked up on a previous page. Check out that menu to see if some stored item can be clicked and placed in a lock or other opening to unlock that page.

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