What Are Some Strategies for Playing the Asteroids Game Online?


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One of the most important strategies in playing "Asteroids" online is to take it slow. While it's tempting to shoot down large asteroids and achieve a higher score, the more a person shoots larger asteroids, the more smaller ones appear, which travel faster and pose more threat to the player.

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Another strategy is to prioritize the flying saucers. Not only are they worth a lot more points, but their shots can not only destroy the player just like asteroids can, but also hit other asteroids, causing them to break apart. This can cause a lot more danger for the player, so eliminating them quickly is the priority. Another strategy is to wait around the center of the map, especially if there are only a small number of asteroids left. This prevents asteroids from suddenly appearing from the sides and hitting the player.

The ambush strategy is another popular strategy for the game "Asteroids." This strategy takes advantage of the fact that a player gets a bonus life every 10,000 points. In this strategy, the player should eliminate all the asteroids, except for two or three smaller ones. Next, the player should go to a corner to wait for the next flying saucer. When it appears, the player can either quickly shoot it or quickly move into an appropriate position using the wrap around nature of the game screen to shoot it.

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