What Is the Storyline for the Video Game "ÜberSoldier"?


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"ÜberSoldier" takes place during World War II and follows the journey of fictional character Karl Stolz, a German soldier that is killed in action and subsequently resurrected by Nazi scientists with new-found supernatural powers. However, a member of the French Resistance rescues Stolz from his Nazi indoctrination; thus, he changes his loyalties to fight alongside the Resistance with his powers.

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Combining historical fiction with the supernatural, this first-person shooter game follows Stolz as he guns down Nazis and attempts to stop them from creating any more "Übersoldiers," which is what he was intended to be before his escape to the Resistance. Throughout his quest, he explores Nazi science labs and learns the gruesome details of their experiments. The game play and environment take a gritty, realistic approach to the FPS genre to reflect the ghastly nature of the war and the game's storyline.

Stolz's supernatural powers that he uses to fight against the Nazis center around his ability to stop bullets. He can manipulate time with "time shields," catching bullets midair and redirecting them out of the way. When catching bullets in the time shield, Stolz can also redirect them back at the enemies who fired them in his direction.

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