Which Stores Specialize in Makeup Special Effects Such As Vampire Contact Lenses?


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SpookyEyes.com and FourEyez.com specialize in costume contact lenses, including lenses for vampires. ColorMeContacts.com offers vampire contact lenses in non-prescription and vision-correcting styles. VampFangs.com offers costume lenses and theatrical vampire makeup special effects.

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Vampire-style contact lens colors include gold, orange, amber and red. Black, white, gray, pink and violet lenses are available, as are reptile-style lenses with catlike vertical pupils. AC Lens offers black and decorated sclera lenses that cover most of the visible eyeball.

Experts recommend wearing costume contact lenses for no more than eight hours at a time. If they are properly stored, costume contacts may last up to one year. Costume lenses should not be worn while driving.

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