What Stores Sell Lego Ninjago Sets?

As of October 2015, Target, the Lego Store and Toys R Us sell Lego Ninjago sets. Ninjago sets available in stores range from small, single-figure sets to large, complex sets with many figures to build.

All Ninjago sets feature ninja characters from the retired Lego Ninja series and a modern setting in comparison to Ninja's Feudal Japan theming, including contemporary elements such as vehicles. Players and collectors use the Lego sets to build settings based around the Lego Ninjago television series and video games.

Available sets include "Temple of Airjitzu," "Final Flight of Destiny's Bounty" and "Attack of the Morro Dragon." The "Temple" set includes the eponymous temple building with traditional Japanese architectural elements, the Blacksmith's Workshop and Smugglers' Market with 12 Ninjago character figurines and accompanying weaponry.

The "Final Flight" set includes the Destiny's Bounty and the Ghost Dragon airships along with nine character figurines and a Soul Archer figure with ghost armor and weapons. "Attack of the Moro Dragon" features a single-rider dragon airship with a ghost-themed saddle and six figurines. It also includes the Tomb of the First Spinjitzu Master with a realm crystal and various weaponry, including katanas and swords, as well as flying jet boards for mid-air battle.