What stores sell Hammond organ parts?


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Parts for products made by Hammond USA, a subsidiary of Suzuki Music Corporation of Japan, are available through authorized Hammond service centers, listed on Hammond's Web site. Parts for vintage Hammond organs are available through a few specialty stores, as well as through merchants on eBay and Amazon.com.

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Hammond encourages customers to purchase only Hammond parts and accessories, and there are several items for which Hammond recommends installation by a factory-trained technician. A list of such technicians is also available through Hammond's list of service centers. These recommendations only apply to those customers seeking parts for the Hammond products manufactured by Hammond USA after becoming part of Suzuki Music Corporation in the early 1990s. Third-party parts are generally cheaper but not always as reliable.

The original Hammond Organ Company went out of business in the early 1970s, so finding parts for instruments manufactured before this time period can be challenging. However, it is possible to find repair and restorative products through a variety of sources, such as Amazon.com and eBay. Some of the original, pre-Suzuki repair shops are still in business, like the Organ Service Company in Countryside, Illinois, which is a good place to start a search for vintage Hammond parts.

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