What Stores Sell Antique Gas Pumps?


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OldGasPumpGuys.com and GameRoomAntiques.com both sell old gas pumps. In addition, eBay.com sellers often list old gas pumps for sale in both auction and fixed-price listings.

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OldGasPumpGuys.com offers old gas pumps for sale in unrestored condition. The company also offers replacement parts for old gas pumps, including original and new globes and bodies, pump nozzles, signs and decals, ad glass, and a range of miscellaneous parts. In addition, OldGasPumpGuys.com offers restoration services for owners of old unrestored gas pumps. The website offers galleries of completed restorations and restorations in process.

GameRoomAntiques.com offers old restored gas pumps for sale with a changing inventory of available pumps. Pump prices range from $2,495 to $5,995 plus shipping, as of 2015. Some available options include original vintage gas pumps and visible gravity pumps. The company also sells replacement gas pump globes, gas station accessories, and automobile-themed bars, desks and sofas, among other items.

Sellers on eBay.com list vintage gas pumps for sale in various conditions, including both restored and unrestored options. Sellers also list replacement parts. Auction-style listings allow customers to bid on items over the course of one to 10 days, with the highest bidder winning the item at the end of the auction. Fixed-price listings are available for purchase immediately, and some fixed-price listings give customers the option to submit best offers on the item for the seller’s consideration.

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