How Do You Store Your Topps Trading Card Collection?


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Protect and store Topps trading cards with sleeves, plastic top loaders and snap cases. Organize or display them in card boxes, protector sheets in three-ring binders or by maintaining a digital library of what cards are collected and where they are stored.

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For tighter budgets, plastic sleeves and hobby boxes are inexpensive storage solutions. Top loaders and binders can be obtained for a little extra cost. Snap cases, including acrylic screw tops and magnetic plates, can often be more costly, but are ideal for protecting Topps trading cards. Custom card collection boxes are available at a higher cost, usually have separated rows that are only the height of a card and typically have a sealed cover.

It is important to remember proper handling techniques when storing Topps collector cards. Use clean hands or gloves when touching them, avoid contact with card corners, keep food and drinks away from them and keep cards, even when covered, in a cool, dry place away from sunlight. Damages and scratches greatly decrease the value of trading cards. A common problem with cards over time is brittleness or dampness, so using a dehumidifier in a temperature controlled room prolongs the life of a collector card.

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