What Are Stop Time Cheats in Icy Tower?


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The stop time cheat in ?Icy Tower? gives the player infinite time by freezing the in-game clock. The cheat code is entered on the option screen by pressing up, down, left, and right and then holding the space bar.

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By editing some of the files in the ?Icy Tower? game folder, players can alter their gaming experience. For example, they can customize the look of Harold the Homeboy. To do this, the player first has to enter the folder ?icy towercharacter emplate? using Windows Explorer. Inside this folder is an icon that resembles a paint brush. Clicking on this icon brings up a sprite version of Harold, which can be edited by pressing the Ctrl and E buttons at the same time.

While there are few cheats in ?Icy Tower,? there are several hints that players can use to make the game easier. Pressing the Tab button while moving makes the in-game character run. Holding the F1 button while moving makes the character move slowly. Using these techniques, players can also increase their points by doing advanced moves such as the running jump. Using the Tab button to run, players need to hit the space bar to jump when they reach the end of a platform. This allows Harold to clear nearly five floors. Points can also be racked up by bouncing off of walls repeatedly. The player's score starts to improve after achieving a five combo or higher.

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