How Do You Stop on a Penny Board?


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Stopping on a Penny board, which is a plastic skateboard made by the Penny company, is easily done by removing the back foot and dragging it on the ground. This technique is called footbraking.

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To use the footbrake method, turn the front foot and chest forward to face the front of the Penny board. Using the front foot as a support system, keep your weight centered over the top of the front foot as you extend the back food toward the ground while keeping the leg straight. As you lower your back foot to the ground, apply gentle pressure to the ground using the sole of your foot. The more pressure you apply, the faster you stop.

Another way to stop on a Penny board involves the heel drag method. To complete a heel drag, place your back foot on the back edge of the board and apply enough pressure to drag your heel on the ground and allow the front of the board to come off of the ground. Beginners may experience multiple falls prior to properly executing either of these stopping methods. If you are unable to stop, or must do so in a hurry, jump forward off the board to avoid hurting yourself.

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