How Do I Stop My Cut Tulips From Wilting?


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If you are cutting tulips from your garden, cut them early in the morning when they are well-hydrated. If you buy tulips from a shop, remove any cellophane as quickly as possible and stick the tulips in water while you prepare to put them in a vase.

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  1. Prepare the vase

    Wash the vase with slightly soapy water. Rinse it several times to make sure no soap remains. Fill the vase with cool water.

  2. Trim the tulip stems

    Hold each tulip under running water and cut about 1 inch off each stem. Cut on a diagonal to provide as much area for soaking up water as possible. Place the tulips in the vase and add flower preservative.

  3. Change the water

    Every three days, change the water in the vase. Take the tulips out and trim the stems by about 1 inch, always cutting under running water. Add more flower preservative.

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