What Is the Stop the Clock Game?


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The Stop the Clock game is a learning activity directed toward second- to third-grade students that uses several clocks to help teach them how to tell time. Each clock is set at different time intervals and each player has a chance to set the clocks at the appropriate time. Once a player is finished, he presses the stop button on the bottom of the screen.

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There are several different variations of the Stop the Clock game, most of which are free to use. Each variation comes with a different minute interval, which can be between 1 and 30 minutes. Each game helps teach students how fast they can tell the time that is being displayed.

The counter on the bottom of the screen keeps track of the fastest time it took a student to count all the clocks on the screen. Students can then try to beat each other's high scores, all the while increasing the speed at which they can tell time.

The clock arms are moved by using the mouse to click and drag them to the correct locations. Since the mouse movements have to be precise, the game also helps to improve the hands-on coordination of its participants.

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