How Do You Stitch Plastic Canvas?

How Do You Stitch Plastic Canvas?

Stitching plastic canvas is a fun and easy project. With just a piece of plastic canvas, a pattern, yarn, a tapestry needle and scissors, you can quickly complete your first work of art.

  1. Find a pattern

    It is easier for beginners to follow a pattern. After some practice, you can create your own designs.

  2. Cut a piece of canvas

    Make sure it is large enough for your pattern, and cut it flush to prevent poking edges.

  3. Start the first row

    Thread the needle from back to front and pull the yarn through, being careful to hold the tail end of the yarn. Hold the tail end in the direction you will be stitching so you can secure the tail with your next stitches.

  4. Complete the pattern

    Continue to stitch each row until you have completed all the stitches in the pattern, changing yarn color as necessary.