How Do You Stitch an Amish Quilt?


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To sew an Amish quilt, take the time to choose a thread, design and have a consistent technique. Amish quilts are held to high standards as they are often contrived of intricate designs and patterns, which take a while to create. Not all quilting techniques are the same, and some take more time than others; make sure to be very attentive when quilting.

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The first thing to do prior to creating any quilt is to choose a design. Some people prefer to quilt on a whim, but for those who are new, planning ahead can help provide an achievable goal. Create the design, and then proceed to choose the type of thread that will be used in the project. Some people prefer thicker threads because it is faster to create a larger quilt.

With all the materials gathered, begin to sew the quilt. This process is relatively the same as sewing any other quilt, just make sure to pay close attention to the pattern of the stitches. If using small stitches, keep to it throughout the quilt, and the same applies to larger stitches. Continue to patiently sew the quilt until it is finished as it takes a while to complete.

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