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Stickpage games are a collection of games located on the Stickpage website. These computer games are flash-based games that are playable in a web browser, and they feature various gameplay mechanics, controls and goals. For example, "Combo Factory" is a fighting game, while "Henry Stickmin" is a point-and-click, choose-your-own-adventure game.

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Stickpage is a website that prominently highlights stick-figure characters in videos, games, humorous cartoons, and more. Thus, most of the Stickpage game characters are stick figures. The games vary in quality, design and length, as different creators are allowed to upload their games onto the website. Some games, such as "Matrix Bullet Time Fighting," did not originate on the Stickpage website but are playable anyway, because the game's design aligns with the Stickpage website's overall aesthetic and emphasis on stick-figure characters.

Dozens of games are available on the website, and many of these games have sequels. Most Stickpage games are independently developed by a small group of people or a single person, and they are typically short in length. In addition, many of the Stickpage games have in-game achievements, which are special awards given to players for completing specific tasks that go beyond following the basic objectives of the game.

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