What Are Some "Stick War" Cheats for the PC?


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A useful trick for the PC flash game Stick War is the ability to go invisible. This can be done on any level with any unit a player chooses but is preferably done with the Swordwrath.

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First, a player should recruit a Swordwrath (Or Archidon, Magikill or whatever unit the player would like) as soon as possible. Then, the player should set a team to defend. However, before the Swordwrath (or whatever unit is selected) can make it back to the base to defend, a play should click on him quickly. If this is done this correctly, then a player succeeds in executing the cheat and is invisible for the rest of the level.

From here, a player may go all the way behind enemy lines undetected and proceed to destroy the enemy's miners, soldiers and statue. This trick comes in handy on those tougher levels, such as level 12: The Last Stand (which can be a hassle otherwise). The player's units are able to take out enemy miners and the statue without being detected, but it's a good idea to have some spare units, just in case a player fails in entering the cheat in, so they will not be invulnerable.

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