What Are the Steps for Solving a Crytoquip?

To solve a crytoquip, fill in one letter words, and then look for frequently recurring numbers. Try the letters ETAOIN in those spots, then seek out contractions before working on longer words. Look for common letter patterns, prefixes and places where common words such as "the" and "or" might occur.

Cryptoquips are word puzzles that are also called cryptograms.

The Cryptograms website offers numerous tips for solving these word puzzles. For example, if the cryptoquip mentions a source such as Martin Luther King, Jr., look to common sayings from that source. Make a note of sentence structure and punctuation in the puzzle. Watch for uncommon words and use trial and error.

If unable to solve a cryptoquip, or to confirm the accuracy of an answer, the QuipQuip website offers a tool for entering the cryptoquip to get a solution.